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Tools for improving mood and emotional intelligence


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How To Use

1. Answer questions on Healacrity at the start of everyday
2. Make it a habit and be patient as your thoughts evolve
3. Be a master at overcoming stress and emotions

What you can expect

Improve decision making
Improve personal wellbeing
Be undeterred with setbacks

"Proactive coping can lead not only to lower burnout and anger but also to positive outcomes including greater professional efficacy, fairer treatment at work and greater life satisfaction." (Greenglass, 2000)


What people are saying

Aaron O'Leary 

Community @Product hunt

" CBT is a fascinating science, and it's super interesting to see a product take this into account "


Mihir Patkar   

Writer @makeuseof.com

" When you wake up and start the day, you can approach the challenges and tasks with a clearer mind. Healacrity takes this clarity to prepare your brain for the day, no matter what happens, so that you don’t get stressed."


Mujtaba N  

Healacrity User

"  If I know I'm going to have a difficult day ahead I'll quickly pop open your site. "


* This project intends to train people improve EQ and mental health based on basic principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Find out HOW IT WORKS